so I was going to create a FB group but . . .

. . not everyone is on there, so I thought I would see how this works for mass communication/coordination/planning the next meeting. (Also, I do not have Eric or Ray’s email addresses.)

Quick Q.: are we starting with anything extra? It’s 1 feat, 2 traits, + starting gold, correct?? Imperial-allied Human, Dwarves, or Elves only?? Half-Elves/Orcs out of the question???

At some point, are we going to fast-forward/level-hop at all, or grind everything out?

Before I finalize a character, I wanted to see if the group needed any particular roles/holes filled. My understanding of the group so far, with most, if not all, having Undead specialties;

Derek/Dame Talbot: Human Inquisitor – “radar,” ranged support/spells
Jim/Magnus: Human Paladin – “tank,” diplomat, rearguard?
Stefan/Kurgan: Dwarven Ranger – melee/ranged damage-dealer, tracker
Vinnie/?: Human?/Bloodline? Sorceror – damage &/or support spells? use magic devices, bluffer/intimidater?
Ray/?: Dwarven Fighter?/Ranger? – melee &/or ranged damage-dealer?

Lacking a Wizard, it seems another caster but with high Intelligence would help for Spellcraft, etc. as would someone filling in for a Rogue with Dex. skills e.g. Acrobatics, Disable Device, Sleight of Hand, & Stealth. A Magus is closer to a Swordmage/Wizard, while a Vivisectionist Alchemist is like Banner/Hulk with sneak attack. Either class could field decent Int. & Dex. scores, with the Magus more into spells, & the Vivisectionist with skills & self-buffs. Both could contribute as tanks or damage-dealers.




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