so I was going to create a FB group but . . .
. . not everyone is on there, so I thought I would see how this works for mass communication/coordination/planning the next meeting. (Also, I do not have Eric or Ray’s email addresses.)

Quick Q.: are we starting with anything extra? It’s 1 feat, 2 traits, + starting gold, correct?? Imperial-allied Human, Dwarves, or Elves only?? Half-Elves/Orcs out of the question???

At some point, are we going to fast-forward/level-hop at all, or grind everything out?

Before I finalize a character, I wanted to see if the group needed any particular roles/holes filled. My understanding of the group so far, with most, if not all, having Undead specialties;

Derek/Dame Talbot: Human Inquisitor – “radar,” ranged support/spells
Jim/Magnus: Human Paladin – “tank,” diplomat, rearguard?
Stefan/Kurgan: Dwarven Ranger – melee/ranged damage-dealer, tracker
Vinnie/?: Human?/Bloodline? Sorceror – damage &/or support spells? use magic devices, bluffer/intimidater?
Ray/?: Dwarven Fighter?/Ranger? – melee &/or ranged damage-dealer?

Lacking a Wizard, it seems another caster but with high Intelligence would help for Spellcraft, etc. as would someone filling in for a Rogue with Dex. skills e.g. Acrobatics, Disable Device, Sleight of Hand, & Stealth. A Magus is closer to a Swordmage/Wizard, while a Vivisectionist Alchemist is like Banner/Hulk with sneak attack. Either class could field decent Int. & Dex. scores, with the Magus more into spells, & the Vivisectionist with skills & self-buffs. Both could contribute as tanks or damage-dealers.


Your Adventure Begins

Tasked by the Empire you and your party have been assigned to investigate the reports of undead coming from the outskirts of Bastille du Rhone.

History tells you Bastille du Rhone was a coastal city near the border of the frozen north. It was a trading port that flourished due to it’s vicinity to the eleven isles, with a school of magic focusing on one of the eight lores, death. A castle was built into the cliff face looking into the harbor to deter raiding parties of northern barbarians. Duke Lucian Lafontaine and his family presided over the throne for the last seven generations, the land originally awarded to Lucian’s ancestor Edmond for his daring military career that expanded the Empire’s borders further into the frozen north. In 647 IC a investigation heralded by Brigham Rayven and executed by Hugo Frayne revealed that the college of magic at Bastille du Rhone had become heretical practicing the forbidden lore of necromancy. It was believed the corruption had thoroughly consumed the Lafontaine family and many of their advisers, which was why the order to eradicate all living residents in Bastille du Rhone were executed in one of the Empire’s largest genocides in recorded history.

Bastille du Rhone has remained ruined and abandon since its genocide however patrols have recently been reporting undead on the outskirts of the once vibrant city. The common folk near the area have also began spinning tall tales of odd happenings and mysterious monstrosities howling from the dead city.

It is your duty to travel to Bastille du Rhone to determine if these rumors are true and if so to eradicate them in the name of the Emperor.

Persons of interest you may want to seek out before embarking are:

Hugo Frayne, Retired Inquisitor, Renowned Witch Hunter, Original Investigator of the Lafontaine case

Brigham Ravyn, Upper End’s High Priest, The Golden Son, and the Resident Priest at Bastille du Rhone during it’s final days

Go with Sigmar.

-Ariana Beornet, Master of Arms for the Holy Church of Sigmar

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